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Thereís no doubt about it. Our modern lifestyles are not good for our brains. restaurant food delivered to your door 24/7, never-ending dings and digital screens, 70-hour work weeks spent mostly sitting at a desk, air, noise, and light pollution everywhere, and known neurotoxins in our food, clothes, and living environments, itís no wonder our health is declining.Add to that a deadly pandemic and the stress and worry that goes with it, and weíve seen the largest one-year drop in U.S. life expectancy since World War II. Worldwide, depression, anxiety, drug use, and other mental disorders are at record highs while statistics show mental health has reached an all-time low in the U.S. I would bet itís the same across the world. Unfortunately, there are many circumstances of our lives that we do not have much control over, like the course of the pandemic, the behavior of others, or our working environments. However, there is one way you can have a huge influence on your mental health and happiness. Itís pretty simple and doesnít require spending a bunch of money. Your lifestyle habits ó the small things you do every day ó can have a large influence on your health and happiness.
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Science has come a long way in understanding the components comprising mental health and happiness. Itís now known that what you do in your life every day heavily influences your mental health. Unfortunately, there isnít one single habit that cures depression or guarantees happiness. However, science has proven that there are things you can do to build mental strength and encourage a happier and healthier brain. It requires consciously choosing your lifestyle habits, including diet, exercise, sleep, stress-coping practices, social interaction, and mental stimulation with The Super Patch.
Hello my name is Bobby Brown and I have been with the Super Patch Company since it's inception. I was amazed as you will be, of the technology behind the Super Patch Brand, it truly is the FIRST of it's kind. VibroTactile Technology has been around for ahwile, however it is the first time in history that it has been applied to a wearable patch that one can wear for hours at a time. Although the idea was simple, itís the research , science, and the application of vibrotactile technology that turns this from a boring old patch into a Super Patch. Learn More About The Super Patch Today Click Here
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